Adventure Activities

Trisuli river is a good option for rafting for all year round.
Rafting duration from 1 hour to 2 days. Rafting can be done on different section so that it makes it Suitable for family trips as well as for adventure lovers.

If you are adventure lover and looking for some challenging and exciting whitewater trip than combination of rivers Trisuli & Marsyangdi is a great option (not runnable during monsoon season from June till middle of September)

Learn to kayak at Himalika camp/resort. The location is perfect for learning how to kayak or to develop your skills further.
Ever run a white water river in your own boat? Just you and the challenge of the river. Run rapids, surf big waves, all the fun stuff. Need some skills? We can help you with that.
Our kayaking courses for beginners make it sure that even first-timers can enjoy.
We can teach everything you need to know. Paddle strokes, river maneuvers, rolling, reading water, whitewater and kayak safety and more.
We have all the latest equipment and would love to teach you. We are Team of internationally trained and experienced kayak instructors with International and Nepalese certifications.

Recommended: 4 days kayak course.
On the basic four-day kayak course (longer courses are also popular and can be easily arranged) our instructors start you off with basic skills in calm water and build from there. The course progresses at your own pace, giving you a solid grounding in safe kayaking principles. By the end of the four days you will be able to read the water, maneuver your kayak through the rapids and have fun on any river.

There is great a spot for canyoning/abseiling just 10 min. minutes walk away from the Himalika and a 30 minute hike to the abseiling starting point! And we are inviting you to join the fun! This canyon is simply great in the autumn season! Fun walks, adventure drops, beautiful waterfalls and great pools at the bottom.

Jalberi canyon:
Jalberi Canyon is just 35 minutes drive from the Adventure center. Feel adrenaline passing through your veins! Beautiful scenery, the sounds of splashing water, amazing waterfalls, exciting jumps and slides.
And we have more to share with you! Hidden Canyon.
Our canyoning guides discovered some of the hidden sites and are happy to share them with you!
Just you and nature!

Join our Team for Adventure in Nepal!