At Himalika camp/resort we have cafe. Where you can enjoy fresh seasonable fruit juices (we are using slow motion juicer to keep all the enzymes inside your juices and not adding any sweeteners in), fruit and veggies smoothies, lemonades, etc.
Coffee: we are proudly serving coffee grown in Nepal (Arabica beans) which is freshly grinded and brewed for you. Range of coffee based drinks available.
Tea: selection of organic teas grown in Nepal as well as our own herbal variety.

Enjoy Cocktails or different varieties of alcoholic drinks available at our cafe/bar.

Baked items:
We love baking at Himalika. So that variety of homemade cookies, veg. or fruit cakes available.
Every day brings new inspiration so please check our black board for baked items of the day.
As well as choice of waffles.

Our cafe menu is changing following the season change as we try to use our own organic produce as well as seasonable fruits and vegetables to ensure maximum nutritious value of the food.